Rent a photographer’s cave

I’m often away from home, either abroad or in the woodlands and I’ve decided to rent my atelier while I’m away. I also have several wet plate cameras with dark-boxes and Eskimo tent, everything you might need for a creative vacation far away from the city rumble. The price depends on whether you want to rent just basic wet plate equipment with a Kodak Folding Brownie, or the whole studio with the darkroom.
Please send me an email for further inquiries on

Available dates

(These are just few longer chunks of time that I’m away, as planned in January, so please write me an inquiry for more information on

  • 25th of February – 1st of March

  • 27th of April – 3rd of May 2020

  • 22nd of June – 6th of July 2020

  • 24th – 30th of August 2020

Wet plate cameras

  • Vageeswari 10×12″
  • Vageeswari half plate  4,75 x 6,5″ – 120 x 165mm
  • Plaubel 5×7″
  • Gibellini 16 x 20″ – 40x50cm
  • Kodak Folding Brownie 3A
  • Shen Hao 4×5″

Film cameras

  • Linhof Technorama 6×17
  • Plaubel 5×7″
  • Shen Hao 4×5″
  • Mamiya C330
  • Fuji GSW 690 III
  • Leica R3
  • Canon A1
  • Kiev 4 (Don’t laugh, it’s a broken crappy camera, but it was my first camera)

Darkroom & Chemistry

  • Enlarger DURST Laborator 138s
  • Wet plate collodion chemistry
  • Carbon printing process chemistry
  • Salt and Albumen printing chemistry
  • Silver-Gelatin chemistry and paper
  • E-6 chemistry
  • C-41 chemistry
  • Jobo CPP-2 processor
  • Jobo Mistral 2 dryer
  • Darkbox (three darkboxes from 4×5″ to 10×12″ with sink)
  • QuickFish 3 tent (mobile darkroom)

Studio Equipment

  • Camera tripods (Manfrotto, Velbon, Gitzo)
  • Studio lights and background tripods
  • Studio lights (Bowens and Balcar, joined power of 12.000Ws)
  • Canvas and paper background
  • Reflectors