201902 Film & Darkroom Workshop 22-24th of February


This workshop is covering film photography and its advantages and disadvantages. In this one three day workshop the participant will use different cameras from small to large format, expose films, develop films and make prints. On the end we will also cover advanced creative and archival techniques of toning with selenium and / or sulphide toner, drying prints on glass or with ferrotyping technique for high glossy surface and extra tonality.


FRIDAY 22nd of February 2019
10:00 Introduction to cameras, loading film, reading a lightmeter, basics of sensitometry
11:00 A photo safari with a 47 year old car Land Rover Series 3
11:30 – 19:00 photographing on different locations
13:30 Dry meal, snack
17:00 Dinner on the top of the mountain
19:00 Return to the valley

SATURDAY 23rd of February
9:00 Good morning tea
9:30 All about the film

  • short basics on sensitometry
  • How to mix developer
  • which developer is good for which occasion
  • How to load a film in developing tank and
  • How to load a film in a dark changing bag
  • Developing times and densitometry
  • Developing, washing, fixing, washing, drying
  • Archival storage of negatives

13:00-14:00 Lunch break

14:00 Making contact copies from negatives
15:00 – 19:00 Making first prints

SUNDAY 24th of February

Each of the participants will make a few contact copies of negatives and few enlarged prints of size 24×30 cm and one photo on 50x60cm paper. One enlargement 50×60 cm is included in the the price of the workshop, but it is possible to print more at the additional cost of 10 EUR per print.

We will learn how to print with gradation filters, dodge and burn certain areas of the print and on the end we will tone our prints for aesthetic and archival quality. The toning part includes advanced toning technique of split toning with sulphide and selenium toners.

On our disposal will be

  • The beautiful Nikon F3 – 35mm camera
  • Twin lens camera Mamiya C330 format 6×6
  • Viewfinder Fuji GSW 690, format 6x9cm, also known as Texas Leica
  • Famous Linhof Tehnorama, format 6×17 cm
  • Wooden large format camera ShenHao, format 4×5″
  • Tripods, filters, lightmeters
  • And please bring your camera too

Na žago 4, Straža pri Novem mestu, Slovenia (45°47’07.1″N 15°04’35.4″E – Google maps)


Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of February 2019


The workshop is limited to four people, so we will have enough time to make good prints.


Three day workshop costs 450 EUR and that includes all material costs, from large format silver-gelatine photo papers, films, developer, toners (sulphide and selenium). The price does not include food and accommodation. If you are interested only in darkroom part of the workshop, you may join us on Saturday and Sunday and the price will be lower, 350 EUR.

The workshop is limited to four participants and you get your place by paying the reservation of 100 EUR. The rest you pay at the start of the workshop. The reservation fee is 90% refundable three weeks before the workshop, but after that, it’s not refundable.

In vicinity there are four hotels and many B&B options. You will receive our support in finding the most suitable accommodation for your needs.

on my email borutpeterlin@gmail.com

201601 Tribute to Ansel Adams workshop

22th of January – 24th of January 2016

Three day workshop, a tribute to Ansel Adams!

Ansel Adams was one of the greatest masters of photography. Our workshop will celebrate his vision and passion for photography and environment. We  will go to the edge of a virgin forrest where no man has ever cut a tree or shot an animal. We will lodge in a cottage, eat, drink, sleep and live photography for a weekend. In the evening we will have  presentations and cook a dinner under bone fire.

The workshop is open for maximum six people (plus assistants). At our disposal we will have many cameras, from large format Linhof 5×7″ and ShenHao 4×5″, two medium format cameras Mamiya C330, format 6×6 and Fuji GSW 690 III, format 6×9 and two 35mm . Each participant will receive one 35mm film, two rolls of 120 film and six sheets of films for large format cameras. In the cottage we will develop films and make some photographs from roll films and contact copies from large format film sheets. Then we will tone the prints with selenium and sulphide toners.

At this workshop you can expect an adventure in fabulous landscape with uncomfortable Land Rover from 1972, learning how to use analogue large format and middle format cameras, learning how to use a light meter and spot meter, learning Ansel Adams’s Zone system, how to develop a film and a photograph. This is a perfect workshop to get familiar with the basics of analogue film photography.

The workshop will be supported by Nikon Slovenia, so we will have also the latest Nikon cameras and lenses at our disposal, so it’s legal to bring your digital cameras. I will show you how I make my huge panoramic photographs, from photographing to post-processing.

Price is 250 EUR and that includes films, cameras, lodging and food. Lodging is literally lodging in a lodge so it’s not the most comfortable option, but comfort is overrated anyhow. Nevertheless we have few additional options available. Additional discount for participants younger then 26 years and for local photographers. For more information please send email to borutpeterlin@gmail.com

The workshop is organised together with museum Dolenjski muzej.

Lukov dom, Baza 20, Slovenia

Lukov dom, Baza 20, Slovenia