The package of the bottom three workshops combined

Seven day workshop, involving Wet & Dry collodion negative, hiking in deep forest, printing salt prints and silver-gelatin darkroom work

Location: Dolenjske Toplice, deep forest of Kočevski dog, Ljubljana

27th of April – 3rd of May 2016

1/3 Wet & Dry plate Collodion Negative 

Three day advanced workshop on wet and dry plate collodion negative and collodion dry plate negative.

Dolenjske Toplice, Slovenia

27-29, April 2016

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2/3 Photography expedition in deep forest

Two day hiking workshop in deep forrest. The transport of the gear will be organised, hopefully with mules.
(for all kinds of photography processes)

Kočevski rog, Slovenia

30th of April and 1st of May, 2015

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3/3 Two days of advanced darkroom workshop

2nd and 3rd of May, 2016

Dolenjske Toplice, Slovenia

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RevelaT Festival

I will have a workshop and an exhibition at Revela-T Festival
23rd – 27th of May 2016
Vilassar, Spain

Details about the festival are HERE
Details about my workshop will follow soon.

Wet Plate Collodion Negative / Berlin / 4 days

Four day advanced workshop of wet plate collodion negative process, salt print process and albumen process

Studio of Christian Klant, Berlin

30th of June  until 3rd of July 2016

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Woodland Photography is a photography retreat to ancient woodland, with photography demonstrations (wet plate collodion, albumen printing, carbon printing, etc), hiking tours, exhibitions, talks, projections and performances beside a bonfire with acoustic music. This is not a workshop, it’s a photography retreat of like-minded.

Kočevski rog, Slovenia

29. – 31. July 2016

Basic Wet Plate Collodion

Three day workshop calumniating in skylight Studio Pelikan from 1898

Dolenjske Toplice and Celje, Slovenia

19th, 20th and 21st of August 2016

Individual private workshop

I offer also individual private workshops, photo-safaris and portrait sessions! Everything is for sale except my kidneys! (officially)

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